Jazz Organ and Piano

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Darren Heinrich is a versatile Sydney-based organist, pianist and educator who holds a 1st class Honours degree in Jazz from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. He has recently completed his PhD research in Jazz Organ Improvisation. His influences incorporate the entire spectrum of the Jazz idiom, from its earliest ragtime roots to modern jazz. He regularly gigs with his own trio and freelances with a wide variety of acts both locally and abroad.

Darren has studied extensively with Hammond masters Dr. Lonnie Smith and Tony Monaco, and wrote his undergraduate thesis comparing the styles of Jimmy Smith and Larry Young.


Rumproller Organ Trio (USA), Nick Mancini (USA), Libor Smoldas (Czech), Jill Barber (Canada), Lionel Cole, Gregg Arthur, Dale Barlow, Erroll Buddle, Dave Panichi, Dan Barnett, Lily Dior, Dave Blenkhorn, Brad Child, Jeremy Sawkins, Steve Brien, Rick Robertson (DIG), James Valentine, Adrian Cunningham, Todd Hardy Quartet, Jo Fabro, Ray Beadle, Marcia Hines, Steve Prestwich (Cold Chisel), Blaine Whittaker, Richard Maegraith.

The Trio

The Darren Heinrich Trio is a classic Hammond Organ combo - Organ/Guitar/Drums. The music’s emphasis is groove, with equal parts tradition and innovation. Original music by Darren forms a significant part of the band's repertoire in addition to standards and blues.

Darren Heinrich - Organ
Sam Rollings - Guitar
Tim Firth - Drums


Darren Heinrich Trio's 2009 "New Vintage Tunes for the Hammond Organ" earned them the Unsigned Artist of the Month Award from US-based Keyboard Magazine.

· Artist of the Month - jazzandbeyond.com.au - interview
· Jacek Chrostowski Encouragement Award for Jazz Piano
· Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) - Young Composers Competition Runner-up.