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KeyB Organs Australia/NZ

I'm proud to be a KeyB Artist and official Distributor for Australia and New Zealand. To discuss ordering or more information, feel free to contact me.

Price List December 2019
Note: all products come with two years local warranty inc. parts and labour.

  • Legend - NEW MODEL. Dual Manual organ with all new DSP software. Full drawbars and reverse-colour preset keys for a complete B3 playing experience. 21kg. $5995 AUD. Official gig bag $300. Download the Legend Product Brochure
  • Legend Live - NEW MODEL. Dual manual organ. Same great tone, smaller footprint for gigging. Full drawbars. 18kg $4995 AUD. Official gig bag $250. Download the Legend Product Brochure
  • Legend SOLO - NEW single manual organ. Same great tone, perfect for multi-keyboard setups and gigs in tight spaces. Two full sets of drawbars, plus a dedicated set of drawbars for the bass pedals and many other legendary features. Weighs only 9.5Kg. $2995 includes gig bag. Download the Legend SOLO Product Brochure
  • Pedals 18: Perfect for gigging. Includes Expression Pedal. $2495 AUD. Official gig bag $200.
  • Other items, such as Stands, Bench etc P.O.A.

Download the Legend Product Brochure

Here is some feedback from previous customers of mine:

  • "Key B organs are simply superb! The user-friendly set-up allows you to quickly and easily unlock all the B3 Hammond sounds that you want. It is reasonably light for frequent gigging but more importantly; the touch and sound are the real deal. With Darren’s expertise on all things Hammond related, I was able to find a model that suited my gigging needs and budget" - Jake Bristow
  • "The Key B Solo MKIII organ is unreal! I'm blown away by the realism of it in comparison to the '62 C3/Leslie 122 I use in the studio. Everything from the raw tone of the drawbars to the distortion, the percussion, the Chorus/Vib scanner and the amazing leslie sim exceed my previous 'red' organ by a mile. The form and function of the MKIII is just perfect for the discerning Hammond fan like me. Thanks a bunch Darren!" - George Carpenter

I use the Nord Stage 2 in my setup.
Listen to a sample of "I Ain't Got Nothing But the Blues", played with Ray Beadle & The Hightones, using the Nord Stage 2.

I also use a Yamaha CP4. Here's an example of an improvisation using the piano sound of the CP4.